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Summer Singing In The Shower!

Summer Singing In The Shower!

In a recent survey by Imperial Leather an impressive 72% of people admitted to regularly singing in the shower. In fact, 65% of men questioned regularly try out the vocal chords while taking a showerpared to only 59% of women. The poll of 1, 000 men and women also discovered that horror classic, Psycho, is the most memorable shower moment in a film followed by the shower scene from cult classic, Porkies and Fatal Attraction, proving that the oldies are really the best. Casino Royale came in at number four. The top 10 most memorable shower scenes from a film are: 10. Dallas - Pam gets a fright when Bobbyes back to life in the shower! youtube watch?v=UvinAPPfyAQ youtube watch?v=UvinAPPfyAQ 9. Splash! - Daryl Hannah as the bathtub mermaid. youtube watch?v=uMIsXdoj2vU youtube watch?v=uMIsXdoj2vU 8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Matthew Broderick pulls the ultimate sickie! youtube watch?v=TO68zwTXFWk youtube watch?v=TO68zwTXFWk 7. Carry On Abroad - Babs gets lathered up. youtube watch?v=0phJGVh1mM0 youtube watch?v=0phJGVh1mM0 6. Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts singing Prince in the bath. youtube watch?v=hFirquUMVhQ youtube watch?v=hFirquUMVhQ 5. I Know What You Did Last Summer - Ryan Phillippe soaps up in a spooky scene. youtube watch?v=Av5HhJPpzy0 youtube watch?v=Av5HhJPpzy0 4. Casino Royale - Daniel Craig brings a softer side to Bond in this touching scene. youtube watch?v=h7qlEPdLcUY youtube watch?v=h7qlEPdLcUY 3. Fatal Attraction - Michael Douglas finally gets Glenn Close in the spectacular movie. finale youtube watch?v=AaSlq0gCH0Q youtube watch?v=AaSlq0gCH0Q 2. Porkies - A cult classic as the boys spy on girls taking a shower in the locker room. youtube watch?v=5Xh-qBa4-bQ youtube watch?v=5Xh-qBa4-bQ 1. Psycho - Classic Hitchcock cinematography proves that the oldies really are the best. youtube watch?v=VE1bjbGj8XA youtube watch?v=VE1bjbGj8XA To celebrate the much loved pastime of singing in the shower, Imperial Leather is going shower (and singing) crazy this summer as its Foamburst Foambooth tours British seaside towns, Bournemouth, Brighton and Blackpool, encouraging people to get soaped up, and join in a Singing in the Shower karaoke contest. The foambooth has already made a splash in Bournemouth with hundreds of children, teenagers and adults alike, getting foamed up and grabbing the microphone to belt out their favourite karaoke tunes. Special Flickr flickr photos/imperialleatherukflickr photos/imperialleatheruk/ and YouTube youtube user/imperialleatheruk youtube user/imperialleatheruk channels have been created for those who take part to upload their best photos and videos for a chance to win free Foamburst goodies. More information can be found on imperialleather foamburst imperialleather foamburst. On bank holiday weekend the Foamburst Foambooth will be making a splash in both Blackpool and Bournemouth. The tour hits the Brighton Pier on 29th and 30th August and the Kite Surfing Championships at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on 29th August. Free samples of mini Foamburst fragrances will be available to all, who take part and there will be a chance for younger members of the family to get a cuddle from Imperial Leather's friendly giant hippo, Humphrey. The PZ Cussons Imperial Leather range of products includes Handwash, Bath Moments, Bar Soap, Foamburst (shower and shave), Shower, Ltd Editions and Skinbliss. This Social Media news release is available at: - blogit.realwire ?ReleaseID=13385blogit.realwire ?ReleaseID=13385 blogit.realwire ?ReleaseID=13385blogit.realwire ?ReleaseID=13385

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