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Canon Webcam Article

How To Set-up The Webcam On Yahoo Messenger? If you have an internet connection you must need a webcam. Webcam is used to share live video or image with other while you are in instant messaging. Your webcam must be started when you want the exchange. When you are setting the status _View My Webcam_ means you are inviting friends to tune in to your transmit. Other can click on your message to specify that they want to see your webcam. You will then obtain your friend_s appeal to view your webcam which you can allow or refuse. To set-up a webcam on your yahoo messenger you have to follow the steps what are describing below:
First, you have to install the software that comes with the webcam and, you have to make sure you read the instructions before plugging in the camera. Some want that you install the drivers first; others require the camera to be plugged in first.
This is the simplest or the easiest system for the beginner. If you already have an Instant Messenger program such as Yahoo, then all you need to do is setup your webcam and make it active inside your Messenger. First, check either your Messenger program's help menu or their web site for com complete instructions.
At the starting to set-up a webcam first, make sure your webcam driver is installed. Then plug-in your webcam and sign in to Yahoo! Messenger. If your webcam is not showing or shows a black screen instead, you need to check the "Camera Source" settings in Yahoo! Messenger. You have to follow the steps describing below:
First, you have to click on the "Messenger" menu then in Messenger select the "My Webcam" menu.
Second, click on the "File" menu in the "My Webcam" window and then click on the "Preferences" menu.
Third, just click on the "Camera Source" button.
Fourth, then select your webcam device from the drop-down menu.
Fifth, click the "OK" button to close Preferences window of Yahoo! Messenger.
After following all the steps if you still face the problem you have to check the connection settings. You can do that with following the steps below:
First, click on the "Messenger" menu in the main Yahoo! Messenger Window.
Second, and then select the "Preferences" menu.
Third, select "Connection" under "Category".
Fourth, you have to ensure one of the following is selected for connectivity "No Proxies_, _No network detection".
Fifth, at last just click on the "Apply" button then click "OK".
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