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Mother In Law

Mother in Law

By stoneypoint - Nov 15, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 46965 He never slept anymore. Ever since the almost-fatal accident on the field that is. When they came at him, after the three of them collided, he was throttled, badly, and left him unable to walk for days. Only intense therapy could bring him back and she was assigned to his detail, which in part he loved and enjoyed going to.
“He wonderful man, mama, but he have headaches…bad ones. I not sure I can fix them.”
A former nun, her mother had faith in her daughter, always talking up her skills, always reinforcing she knew she had a gift, and always praising her for her gift from god she was given, but mama, Cornice, wasn’t the woman she appeared to be. “You keep doing what you do, what you learned. You are best. He get better. You see. He like you. Nyssa not see. He trusts you. He believe in you. He want to get better, no?” Nyssa said he did. “He will be better. You see… It take time…many days” she told her daughter.
The next day, her schedule was lighter then usual. He arrived early for some reason. In a wheelchair, but able to walk soundly he stood and held handrails as the bulky and stolid receptionist escorted the handsome, gregarious patient back to the “roomy” looking physical therapy room. For a woman of 19, the young lady was ahead of her time. She’d learned her trade years before. She excelled at it. She was skilled in PT. She knew exactly how and what to do for her patients. But James was a separate matter. He was unique and he always told this one the truth.
“Good morning sir” she said to the 28 year old now former athlete. He felt like hugging her when she said sir. It was cute, but he wasn’t a sir and said good morning calling her by her first name instead of Ms. Holchevski. Nyssa was easier to say anyhow. “And how did you sleep last night?”
“If you were with me…I know I’d feel better and probably sleep like a baby” he replied gazing at her hearty beautiful features. She blushed and he loved that. “Maybe, once we done with all this, I could persuade you to go out on a date or two…or three with me?”
She blushed more. She may have been gifted and considered a great PT, but she was not as experienced in relations as far as men and women were concerned. Like any girl, she always wanted to go out on dates with boys. Like any girl, she was inquisitive about her maturity, but like some girls, she had been led to think along the lines of career first, and then love afterward. Love for the time being was not in the cards although she really was fond of this patient…very fond in fact. Older and sweet on her, his charismatic charm slowly twisted her idea about guys, about men, and how easy it could be to fall for a guy, especially a guy who has had his fair share of relationships in life, of which she knew nothing about prior to being his PT.
She worked him over like any other patient. He hated it. He loved it. He loved how she did it. But he hated how painful it could be too. It was hard to overcome the aches and pains he felt afterward, but he loved enduring it all seeing as it was her doing the treatments. Watching her while she induced the pain assisted in overcoming it all.
Boy if only you knew, he thought. If only you knew how fun this is. Yeah okay…ouch, damn that hurts… But your…your body is…all of it is incredible and if I would just come out and tell you what I think, how I feel…maybe I could convince you to go out on a date with me.
“Owww” he cried out. She continued on. Massaging his virtually naked body albeit it a pair a boxers he wore for each session, she’d bang and press down hard on it. “Owww… Are you like mad at me or angry about something and…and taking it out on me today?”
“No sir…this help you. It make you better, stronger. I show you. I prove to you. You be better over time. It will take many weeks sir but you be better in no time.”
This went on and on over a course of three months. And every other day he was in to see her. And every other day ideas grew in his head. And every other day he felt a little more attached to her and every other day he felt a bigger need to ask his personal therapist out on a date. Finally that day came.
“Nyssa?” he said, “I have a question for you?”
“Sir…I mean yes Jackson?” she replied.
She declined. She was already invited to the same event. The event being a team party in which she serviced many of his former teammates. But he was a part of this team having helped get them to where they were that year. It was a celebration. And in celebrating she came with another woman, an older woman, but a beautiful full figured woman with lines curving and twisting throughout her figure, which for some reason he could not get his eyes off of. Whoa, who is the babe, he thought. Like yeah, I should figure out a way to ask her out man, he told himself.
Nyssa and the older shapely matured woman strolled in wearing simple but appropriate dresses which appeared to highlight their ample figures. Bosoms, waists, expanding hips, and large shapely asses accompanied gorgeous eyes, hair, and lips. Other then them being plus sized women with curvaceous physiques they were the only thing on his mind at the moment. Their attractive features mesmerized him, overtaking his sense of right and wrong. She saw him and smiled. It was obvious to her mother that she did like her patient and possibly more then any of the others. But to add potential excitement to the mix, her mother leaned over and told Nyssa something. Nyssa playfully slapped her mother’s arm. They smiled.
He wondered what the slap and smile was about. He looked around, saw all his former teammates talking and laughing, and also saw several of his former lovers or girlfriends. Quickly before they came “running” to see him to say hi or reestablish new relations with him he assumed, he headed straight for Nyssa and the woman she was with. Ravishing was one description which crossed his mind. Both looked gorgeous and equally attractive as dates were concerned.
“Hiiiii Nyssa…I’m happy that you showed up… Boy am I” he told her as his eyes looked her over, then looked at her ‘date.’ “Who’s your friend?” he said. She introduced her as her mother. “You are Nyssa mother?” he exclaimed. “Noooo way…maybe her sister, but you couldn’t be her mother! No way” he told them.
Nyssa blushed, but the mother, Cornice, behaved accordingly. Smiling she said thank you as she took it all in showing she adored his energizing compliment. Ooooohh, this man is keeper. He win over many hearts. He good looking…very good looking man. He make me think. Is this James worthy of dating…
“Your daughter is a great physical therapist. I don’t always love how I feel, but I’ve become stronger and stronger because of her and what she tells me to do on my own… I love her…and I mean it too.” Then he looked at Nyssa. She was blushing beet red. She already was looking down and away from him. “I’m sorry Nyssa. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” He took her hand and patted it as if the two were dating, already lovers, or something like that. Cornice noticed his fondness for her.
Nyssa said she was going to walk around and talk to some of the other players. That left James and Cornice to talk. And talk they did. Cornice asked a lot of questions. “You like Nyssa, no?” He smiled and said he did, that he’s wanted to ask her out on a date…that this was supposed to be a date. “Ohhhhhh yah…this date for Cornice and Cornice date, she pretty… I think she is. You think same? I see you think she is. You ask Nyssa out. She go out. I believe she like you. Even if she say no…I go out with James…if I am Nyssa’s age.” Then she laughed and smiled and looked into his eyes. James was surprised by her remark but laughed too. “You not like how I say I go out with you?”
“Ohhh nooo…I think that’s cool. I mean I wasn’t expecting to hear you say that…that you’d go on a date with me.”
“Why not…you handsome. You man with lots of girlfriends in past, yah?” He didn’t say yes or no, but his eyes said yes. “Ahhhhh… Cornice know, I right… Cornice always right. I nun once, long time ago. No one lie to nun…yah?”
You were a nun, he thought. Wow…whoa…like cool. “And now you’re a mom, a mother?” he exclaimed. She laughed and said yes. “That’s so cool.”
The two hit it off. They became instant friends, good friends, and eventually close friends too. Soon enough he was seeing Nyssa, seeing them, and having a great time with the quiet, ultra-conservative Nyssa but loved her conventional, no premarital sex nature…or not all of it. He wanted the premarital sex, but she wasn’t giving that up. Before either knew it, she’d been hired by the team and was traveling all the time. Spring came and they were engaged. The marriage was in late spring. It was great. He sexed his bride up every day in the morning and night, but when late summer came…all that would change.
Almost healed now, Nyssa discovered all the joys that sex empowered in a woman, and she learned she could “use” it on him or even against him if any conflicts existed between the two.
None really did until the football season started and he grew stronger and stronger and she began traveling more and more and meanwhile her mother moved in on the large farm which he grew a variety of plants and vegetables. Cornice, knowing Nyssa was gone for hours, sometimes days at time would do her own thing, but often would stand by bedroom window wondering what it was like for her son in law, now that Nyssa wasn’t always around. Seeing as the woman wasn’t getting any younger, she was still active socially and physically and remained a peach looks wise and personality wise too.
Nyssa was going to be gone overseas for 5 days. It was one of those stupid introductory football games being held in Germany, then the next week in France, and the team was remaining overseas for a week and a half to be exact. James had been out in the fields all day sweating and collecting field dust and dirt. And by 7 PM he needed a long lathering shower. She watched him drag his worn and weary frame from the tractor after parking it and hauling himself to his house. He loved the guest house instead of the large roomy farm house, which Cornice adored and was given the freedom to redecorate at her own discretion.
He stripped down. The blinds, not always giving him the best coverage they could offer, the woman who seemed to be growing lonelier and lonelier and more bored as the days grew shorter was being enabled to see his silhouette through them. Her ogling became habitual. For several nights now, she found herself watching and wishing and wanting. And this habit grew. And with this habit a birthing of desire began to form within her.
She couldn’t believe the feelings which pained her. They became relentless. Pulling away from the window, she couldn’t remain away for as long as she did. Undoing her blouse led to herself touching parts of her only her deceased husband and nobody else ever felt. She closed her eyes and rubbed her body some more, gradually moving towards her well fitted skirt, and unclasping it. Sharp, abbreviated breaths of air met her advances. Her thick, sumptuous, and curvy figure felt his hands. Her breaths of air seemed sharper, more abbreviated, and more frequent too. But a monster was persevering within her sacred loins, ones never touched by anyone but her and her deceased husband. Never before had she done this. Her arm lowered itself further as it felt the cottony fabric surrounding her bushy vagina.
“OHHHH LORD” she cried out to no one. “LORD…HELP ME…SAVE ME” she called out again. But her hand would not stop. The former nun, the new mother in law’s hand persisted to engross itself in newfound fantasies she was not accustomed to. “Stop” she said as she tried calming herself down, but her hands wouldn’t move. Resting on her cotton underwear, one finger inched around and if someone was standing in front of her they would have never seen it.
With an open blouse she felt the heartaches of her past creeping upon her. She felt anguish in her loins crawling from the depths of her past. Creeping into her loins, they spread steadfastly. She felt aching steadily breeding as it edged all over her. Oh god…I want someone. I want him. No…yes… Nooooo, but he…he may have me. He may take me anyway. He may take me and make love with me. Yes. I know James. James will take me. He will love me. He make body feel whole. He make me womanly again. “YES OH YES JAMES… MAKE ME FEEL WHOLE AGAIN” she cried out in the solitary confines of her bedroom.
She pulled herself together and with that she walked downstairs. Out the back door she went and headed straight for his place. Her mind was set. She convinced herself she had to do this, had to fulfill long lost emotions. Why she wasn’t sure, but now it no longer mattered. She was here. He was there. He would talk. He would see. He knew her. He knew women. He’s experienced all kinds in his life. And now he was going to experience her too, she persuaded herself to believe.
She knocked once, called out once, and knocked again. He hadn’t answered. She listened. The shower was running. She slowly walked inside. He was…was he having a conversation with himself? He had to be. He was the only one there, besides her. He was holding a discussion and answering too. She smiled, but it wasn’t entirely amusing. She hurt. She ached for love and peace within herself.
“JAMES…JAMES…IT IS CORNICE” she called out. He hadn’t heard her calling out. She walked into the guest house some more. She breathed deeply, closing her eyes, and trying to think if this was right. Her swelling vagina was saying yes, he wants you. So she proceeded further towards the shower she heard running. She listened but whatever he was saying didn’t make sense. Outside the bathroom she wanted to say something. She wanted to go inside even. She even wanted to stand in front of the shower’s glass door for that matter. But she did not have the strength, except that her needs motivated her to push on. “James, hi…it’s me, Cornice.”
“Ohhh hey Cornice…how are you? I was just thinking about you, about stuff.”
He was? He thinking about me…about stuff, what thing?
“Cornice…you there? You can sit down if you like. Pull up a chair…do whatever” he told her. But then she saw it. She saw the bottles of coke and bourbon. He was in the…no he couldn’t be. He only had a couple glasses, but was feeling good either way. “You want a drink girlfriend?” he said. “Go on, make yourself one” he told her while turning to see if she was there. She wanted to stand up, walk over in front of it, and see if she could see him in the nude. She wanted to talk and maybe even…ohhh lord, maybe even go in with him. If her instincts were right maybe he’d make love to her. Yes he had to be feeling good. “Hey come on in…the water’s great. I mean it. It feels sweet, sister and I can always use on a night like this. You want to hug me?”
Me too…and a lot more, she thought. This was too enticing, too inviting. “Oh god” she said aloud. He immediately asked if she was okay and opened the door, peeking out to look at her. In his eyes, at that moment, his mother in law looked extravagant. “I shouldn’t be here… No, I just came to talk…I don’t know.”
“Sure…it’s cool…relax Cornice…it’s only me. You love me, right? I love you, true. So please…please stay” he said while remaining under the hot water. “Heck for that matter why don’t ya step inside here. Take off your clothes. I’ll wash you down. You know I love that body of yours…right…right baby? Hey can you make me another drink? Nah, I don’t wanna pass out in here. All I want to do is…well…play with myself. You ever do that…play with yourself, huh? Now that’s kind of fun.”
She stood up and walked over and saw his dark skinned silhouette inside the glass door. He was still handsome looking, most of that appearance having been developed in her mind, but she needed loving and he needed it too and his wife was overseas right now. While standing there he washed and rinsed, washed and rinsed again, and during all that time she discovered she was fiddling with the buttons on her blouse. He turned around and saw her doing something, wondering what she was up to.
“I am uhhhh bored, lonely in here…if you wanted to uhh keep me uhh company?”
That startled her. She ached for the touch of a man’s body against her. She so wanted to feel that feeling again. The flow of a man’s hands across her undulating flesh, her nice rotund breasts, the softness of her rolling bulging tummy, and hands reaching down and soon inside her vagina feeling its swelling warmth. Mmmmm you want me in there with you, she thought. Oh yes, yes James… No, I must not do this.
But she closed her eyes and her fingers uncontrollably undid one button at a time. He was watching and slowly opened the shower door to see her lovely matured body. Curves everywhere exposed themselves to his horny body as her brassiere eased into the picture exposing him to their wondrous size. He gazed upon her lovely and tender wide hips covered simply by her skirt and layered mounds of luscious flesh he would only imagine against him. He stretched out his hand humbly, inviting her lonely soul into his lonesome world of desire and lust.
Please come, please hurry she read in his eyes. I need you. I need this. I need love. I want passion. You want love and passion too. I see it. Don’t you feel it too, she read on his face? She said yes, resoundingly although he hadn’t even said anything to her. He only smiled and stepped outside it exposing himself totally in the nude. Her dreams and desires were now being fulfilled as he undid the skirt and ran his wet hands across her lower body. Deep breaths of air were inhaled by his mother in law, but she was still able and still more then willing to undo herself for him. He stepped back to look at her.
“You are soooo beautiful Cornice. I want to hold you against me. I want to kiss all of your body. I want you to want me too. And I don’t want this night to ever end.”
“TAKE ME…HOLD ME…MAKE LOVE WITH ME TONIGHT JAMES” she said as she took hold of his hands and stepped back into the warm spray of the shower.
The door closed behind them and his lips were on her. They hugged and he kissed her. He kissed her all over. His kissed her breasts. He kissed the softened layers of her sides. He kissed her belly and he kissed every inch he possibly could imagine.
Then James eased his way down further as she watched and her legs parted and his lips found their way inside her thighs. Kissing and kissing, he even sucked on them while warm tiny pellets of water showered over them. Finally, he turned his lover around, and slid a hand across one side of her ass. He murmured and murmured only to arouse his mother in law more as a hand slipped in between the crack of her large shapely ass.
“Wow, you are one sexy woman Cornice…one sexy ass woman” and suddenly she felt lips all over her ass kissing passionately, sucking feverishly, and she began wailing and crying out for him to take her to bed.
Before she knew it, the water was off and a hand was on hers. He was leading her back to the bedroom to make love to her. He laid her down, dried her off, and turned off all the lights, except one. He reiterated how sexy she was and she was beside herself absorbing the compliment once again. Lying there, she saw him spread her legs. He went up in between them and dug his tongue deep against her clit and pussy. It was something no man had offered her the pleasure in her life of ever receiving- oral.
“Oh uh uhh ohhh ooohh ah oh ohhh ah” she murmured constantly as her upper body and chest rose off the mattress. “More…don’t stop…ohhh James ohhh yes…yes” and her eyes closed as her breasts swelled. She took deep breaths of air while calling out “ah oh ah ohhh ah ohhh yah…yah ohhh” she repeated over and over.
But he saw the signs and he fulfilled her needs. He mounted the shapely large woman and his short unnoticeable cock had grown surprisingly big and long and it entered her once forlorn pussy. She cried out, she wailed joyously, and she grabbed hold of him as if she was never letting go of her newfound lover.
He plunged slowly and he went in deftly and as he did, he kissed his lovers lips intimately. She pushed and she pushed and she squealed with wild pleasure and as she pushed, he brought his sexier then ever mother in law to orgasm three fabulous times.
“Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh…ya James…James make great lover, great partner in sex…I not ever want to stop being sexed up. James…ooooohh, ahhh…you do again, we do again later this night?”
“Phewww heck yes… Man Cornice…phewww” he began to say as he shook his head merrily. “This was…you were…wow, this was great. This was exciting. He pulled her against him. Her body was hot, warm as ever. She turned into him and played with his chest, his tiny nipples.
“I glad you marry daughter. I glad you son in law. I glad you make love and sex with me. We do again, no…no?”
“Oh yeah…I loved eating you out. I loved kissing you all over. And I loved having sex with you too. Anytime and anywhere, when you know isn’t home…we will do this, right? ”
“What eating out?” she said.
“Want me to show you again?”
“Yah, me think so.” And he went down on her and licked out her pussy, giving his mother in law another eventful orgasm for the night. “NOOO…OHHH NOOOOO” she screamed excitedly. “YAH OH GOD YAH…THIS GOOD, YOU GOOD, THIS SOOO GOOD JAMES” she screamed again as she orgasmed wildly.
And he pleasured himself with a little dessert by pulling her against him and licking and teasing her boobs and nipples until they fell asleep in one another’s arms. Before the sun came up, he felt something and it was a nice sensation. It felt great. He shifted in bed. He reached down to adjust himself, but felt something else. Shaking his head, he lifted up the sheet. It was her hand. He looked up at her.
She was smiling “Good morning” she said. “I do special treat for James. James like?”
He told her yes. “I have a question for you.” She looked at him. “Did you ever give your husband what’s called a blow job?”
“A blow job...yah, but not like giving to husband. He rough. He no fun. He force it in mouth. I not like and not do, so I bite on his penis. He never make Cornice do again.”
“Ouch…well I will never do that. Okay, “ he told her.
“Good…I give James blow job. I good…I real good at blow job. You see, I do one.”
She had him cumming quickly. She got underneath and licked his balls. She held it like an experienced woman, teasing the tip of his cock, licking the shaft, and kissing or sucking his sack making him harder then he told her he wanted to titty fuck her. “What is titty fuck?” she said. He told her. She liked the idea. Before he knew it, his dark manhood was in between two sumptuous large ass boobs and cum was spraying rapidly into her face. Wild as it may seem, her mouth was open and she let it inside. He couldn’t get enough of the full figured gorgeous woman or her willingness to do or try new ideas.
Nyssa came home later that week, but in the interim, Cornice and James had made love 5 times. She was three times better then his wife. How could he tell Nyssa this? “You not say anything. Not smart to” Cornice said. “You tell Nyssa anything, marriage over. Daughter hate mother. Daughter not find out…please? I love sex with James. James love sex with Cornice, no?”
“Oh yeah…I do love sex with you-”
“You not say we make love. It work for me. We have sex….lots of sex, no?” He agreed. “I always keep James happy…always. I love sex. You love sex. You need sex from Cornice. I good.”
Yes you are, he thought…yes you are.

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