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MY Aunt Was The Answer To All My Sexual Desires

My Aunt was the Answer to all my Sexual Desires

By - Aug 8, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 68177 Back in 1967 when I was approaching 18 years old, my parents were both killed in a car accident. Being left with out a dad and mom, my mother's sister Elsie took me in and continued to look after me. She was 34 years older than me at that time and had been divorced for a number of years. And since she had no family and was living alone, we became very close friends. And eventually, this was in more ways then one. After moving in with her, I still had about 6 weeks of holidays left before I had to go back to school. I guess you could call aunty Elsie a When things settled down and the sting of loosing my parents lessened, she eventually became more relaxed in the way she did things. And if I live to be 100 years old, I'll never forget the night when we became very intimate with each other.
As I have already mentioned, being close to 18 I was getting a lot of erections but I still didn't know about masturbation. And to make my problem even worse, when it was time for her come to bed, she didn't go to her spare bedroom to change. But she came in and sat on the side of her bed with her back to me and undressed down to her brazier and panties. Then she asked me to undo her bra so she could take it off. Well, by this time my cock was standing up like a pole. And as she was putting on her night gown, I could see the sides of her big breasts swinging around as they hung down in front of her. Then she stood up, reached up under her night gown and took her panties off. After that, she went to her bathroom as usual to have a pee, and once again I could hear her stream splashing into the toilet, which made my cock so hard that it started to hurt..
When she had finished and came to bed, I quickly turned around with my back to her trying to hide my erection. But once she was in bed with me, in her motherly way she turned towards me to cuddle me up by putting her arm over me and pulling me back up against her big soft tummy and breasts. And as she did that, her hand accidentally touched my hard penis. Well, when she realized what it was, she started feeling it all over and then she said, "Oh my --- you seem to have a problem down there, don't you Kenny --- it isn't good for you to leave it this way --- here, turn over on your back and let me look after it for you." Well I didn't know what to do. What was she going to do to me?
Next thing I knew, she was helping me to turn over on my back. And because she was older, plus being my aunt, I viewed her as knowing everything, So I did as she said. After helping me to roll over, she sat up, put the light back on and pulled the covers down. Then she said as she started to pull my pajama bottoms down, "Its OK honey --- you will feel so much better after I help you to get rid of all that pressure inside your penis." As soon as my erection was in plain view for her to see, she took it between her thumb and finger and started to move my foreskin up and down. Then she asked me if I was jerking off yet. Since I didn't know what she meant, I guess the blank look in my face told her that I wasn't.
So, she asked me to wait for a moment while she got a towel. Then kneeling down on the floor beside the bed, she asked me to move closer to her and she put the towel on my stomach next to my cock. Then squeezing and rolling my balls around in one hand, she started to masturbate me again. And as she was moving my foreskin up and down on my cock she said, "Does it feel nice when I rub it like this?" Well I was getting more excited by the second as a strange new feeling was building up inside my cock and I think I whispered in a shaky voice, "it's starting to feel funny aunty." When I said that she said, "It's OK sweetie --- soon it will shoot some thick white sticky liquid out on the towel and you will feel so much better."
No sooner had she said that and I could feel a totally new throbbing feeling filling my cock and spreading down to my balls. Suddenly, my cock felt like it was going to burst open. And when she heard me starting to moan, and noticed the head turning almost purple, she started to move her hand up and down the shaft very fast making me almost pass out from my first orgasm. Finally, I had to grab her hand to stop her because the head on my cock was just to sensitive to touch. As I looked down to see what happened, I saw her squeezing and milking me as a small amount of clear stick virgin syrup came out of my pee hole and ran down the sides of the head. And when there was no more, she wiped it off with her finger and then put it in her mouth. As she did that, she said, "Mmmmmm --- that tastes so good."
Following that, she helped me to recover from my first orgasm , by continuing to massage my balls, rolling them around inside my tight skin bag. Then she said, "Well sweetie --- didn't that feel good --- since your body is beginning to change into an man, your penis will continue to get hard many times a day --- and when it does, I want you to feel free to come to me and I will help you to make it soft again ---will you do that for me?" Still being totally overwhelmed and shaking with excitement, I told her that I would. Following this, she took my pajama bottoms right off and then she pulled the covers back over us and put the light out again. Facing me like she did before, she cuddled me up against her big warm body, and as we were settling in for the night, she started saying to me, "I guess I was wrong sweetie --- when you went off, I was expecting you to shoot some thick white semen out on the towel --- but I guess your body isn't making it just yet. --- but you do have some clear sticky syrup at this time" Then she went on to explain to me what semen was and how it comes out. And that I shouldn't worry because my body will start producing it any day now.
As I was thinking about my new experience, I noticed that my cock didn't go soft like she said it would. And so I asked her why. Then she reached down and as she felt it, she said, "oh my goodness Kenny --- maybe one treatment wasn't enough." So after pausing for a minute, she then said to me, "Kenny --- lets try something different." This time without putting the light back on, she pushed the covers back down. Then rolling over on her back this time, she reached down to pull her night gown up enough so that she could spread her legs apart. Following that, she asked me to climb up on top of her. With my knees still on the bed and my chest resting on her big soft stomach, she said to me, "Oh sweetie --- you need to move higher up on top of me dear." and as she helped me, she said, "Kenny --- a woman has a special opening between her legs called a vagina --- that's where a man can put his hard penis --- here, let me help you to find it." And as she kept moving me to the right place, she took my cock and aimed it into her vagina. Then she said, "OK sweetie ---now push it in as far as you can." As I did, I felt the head slip into a hot, wet place and it felt wonderful. But because I still wasn't all the way in, she lifted her big legs up higher to make more room for me, and then she said, "now Kenny --- you can push it in deeper --- push sweetie --- push it in as far as you can --- let me feel your testicles touching my bum hole." So I pushed real hard and I could feel myself going in real deep this time. And like she said, I could feel my balls pressing up against her body. The feeling of her hot wet hole made my hard aching cock just throb. Once I was all the way in she said, "That's good sweetie --- now make yourself nice and com comfortable and I want you to start moving your penis in and out of auntie's vagina --- here, let me show you how." So she grabbed me by my bum and helped me to move in and out at a nice slow steady pace. And just like she wanted, I could feel my balls pressing up against her each time I was all the way in.
Like I said earlier. What a night that was for me. Although she still had her night gown on, and I couldn't see her big soft breasts, there are no words to describe how good it felt as her hot wet vagina wrapped itself around my aching penis. And in no time, I was feeling that same throbbing pain that I had felt before in her hand. But this time it was so much stronger and I nearly fainted from the wonderful unexplainable feeling that exploded all over my body. When it was finally over, I had to stop to get my breath. And then she said to me, "wasn't that great honey --- now I want you to stay on top of me like you are right now and lets see if your penis goes soft this time --- OK? --- and if it doesn't, then you can do the same thing again to me." After saying that, she told me that when boys my age are going through puberty, it's the most wonderful time of their life because it takes a lot to make their penis lose it's hardness.
Well my penis still didn't get soft, and no wonder because she kept squeezing it with her vagina. I could feel her moving her muscles and squeezing me continually and this was making me stay harder then ever. So she told me to start moving my penis in and out of her again. This time though, I felt her reach down and she started to rub herself just above my cock. And as I continued to thrust in and out of her vagina, I noticed that she was also getting very excited this time.Then suddenly she started breathing very fast and as she squeezing my body with her legs, Then I heard her let out 2 or 3 real loud grunts. Well, when that happened, I quickly stopped as I thought I was hurting her. But as soon as I did, she quickly whispered between breaths, "No, no sweetie --- don't stop --- keep going --- I'm going off right now." Then she let out another 1 or 2 loud grunts.
While she was doing this, I felt her vagina muscles squeezing my penis real hard, and once again I began to have that same wonderful feeling for the third time. This time I'm sure I even saw stars. When it was all over, I couldn't move. I just lay there on top of her and she hugged me tight in her arms. After we both got our breath back, she kissed me and said, "Oh Kenny --- that was just wonderful, wasn't it? ---aunty Elsie had the same beautiful feeling that you did." And then she explained what an orgasm was.
As I was resting on top of her big soft body, this time my penis did gradually lose all it's hardness and so she put the light on and got me to pull out of her vagina. And as she got up, I remember seeing a big wet spot on the bed where she was laying and when she saw it, she said to me, "Oh my god Kenny --- I must have pee'd myself while we were having sex." Then she quickly got another towel and placed it between the sheet and mattress to soak up the wetness. And then she took some kleenex and reached under her night gown to wiped her pussy. Once again I have to say, this was a night that I will never forget. It was such a wonderful way to experience the joys of sex for the first time. I know that some would not view it this way, but for me, I will never be able to thank my aunt Elsie enough for what she did for me. She kept sex dignified and there was never any guilt attached to it because she made it all so natural for me. Following this, she placed another towel on top of the wet spot and then we both got back into bed. After pulling the covers up over us, she once again turned the light off and then she cuddled me up against her big warm body and we both went to sleep.
Sex must be a wonderful sleeping pill because it was quite late when she woke me up as she was getting out of bed to have a pee. And when I told her that I needed to go too, she asked me to come to the bathroom with her. When we got there, I had no pajama bottoms from the night before, and so she saw my pee-hard on standing straight up against my stomach. As she was looking at it, she smiled at me and said, "oh my goodness Kenny --- how will you be able to pee into the toilet when it's hard like that? --- maybe if you wait for a few minutes it will get soft again --- in the meantime, I will go first --- OK?"
At this point, what happened next would only make my cock harder than ever. Up until now, I had only heard her using the toilet. But now I was actually going to see her peeing and I could feel a whole new excitement building up in me. She must have had to go real bad because she had no sooner turned around and lifted the back of her night gown up when she started peeing into the toilet, even before she had actually sat down on the seat. But once she was there, she let it pour out of her full speed. And I guess she knew that I was wanting to see her, so she spread her legs apart and let me watched as her big yellow stream was squirting out of her and down into the toilet. At this same time, I think my eyes nearly popped out as I looked at the thick patch of hair she had between her legs. This was the first time that I had ever seen a woman's pussy. And I still remember the way her pee was coming out of the hair. All I could hear was a loud hissing and bubbling noise as it sprayed in different directions from the force behind it. Finally it dwindled down to just a dribble and then com completely stopped. When this happened, she wiped the hair with some toilet paper.
As I think back about that moment, I remember how this seemed to catch my attention because she didn't finished with 2 or 3 short squirts like I do. And when I asked her why, she told me that men are different. Their pee stream doesn't all come out and then stop like a woman's does. They make the last little bit come out in short squirts.
Well by this time, my cock was so hard that the head was Turing blue and it was just throbbing from me watching her pee. And yet I needed to pee and there was no way I could bend it down to aim into the toilet. It was at this time that I remember my aunty Elsie getting a large drinking glass from the shelf. Then she got me to stand over the toilet bowl and she held the glass up side down just above my cock with the head pointing into it. And when she was ready, she said, "OK sweetie --- start peeing." And I can still remember how my stream was squirting up into the glass and then running back down into the toilet. Like I said before, she was a very special woman. Only she would have thought to do that. Then as my stream was ending, and without thinking, I made the last little bit come out in 3 or 4 short squirts. Well, when that happened, she smiled at me and said, "yes Kenny --- you are definitely a man." And then we both started to laugh.
Since my cock was still extremely hard, I guess she knew that it also needed some sexual relief again. So after putting the glass in the sink and flushing the toilet, she closed the lid and sat down on it. Then she got me to move in closer to her and without saying a word, she took hold of my aching cock in one hand and started to move my foreskin up and down at a nice steady pace. At the same time, she put my balls in her other hand and began squeezing them as she rolled them around in my nut sac. And much like the previous times the night before, that same beautiful feeling began filling my cock real fast. Then suddenly the very same unexplainable cramp-like pain exploded in my cock, and my legs almost gave out from under me. I think I actually held onto her shoulders for support to keep me from falling down. As it slowly came to an end, I saw a little bit of clear sticky fluid coming out of my pee hole. And then she started squeezing and milking my cock like she did before to make every last drop come out, and as it was running down over the head, she leaned down and licked it up with her tongue. Then sitting back up, she look at me as she was licking her lips and said, "Mmmmmm --- that virgin cum of yours tastes so good --- I don't think it will be very long before you will be squirting out a lot of real thick white semen for aunty." Finally, I went and put my pajama bottoms back on and we both went to the kitchen and she made some breakfast for us. Following breakfast, she suggested that we both have a shower and get dressed for the day.
Now, as I think back about that morning and also the night before, I'll never forget all those beautiful moments that I spent with my aunt Elsie as she taught me about pleasures that I never knew existed. And I was so captured by them and I didn't want her to stop. Even after having 4 orgasms all within a 12 hour period, my libido and sex drive remained extremely high. And my mind seemed to be in a state of constant wonderment. Back when I was around 11 or so, I think a desire for some basic sexual things was starting to cross my mind such as wanting to see a farm animal doing it. or wondering what a girl had between her legs. At this time too, I remember having erections, sometimes when I needed to pee, or other times when I thought about sexual things. But as time went by and I had turned 12, I started having them more often as I became a lot more curious about sex. And I really liked the feeling it gave me each time my cock got hard. Then, by the time I was 18 and had moved in with my aunty Elsie, my cock seemed to be hard most of the time. Even just hearing her peeing in her bathroom was enough to make it throb and ache like crazy. And yet, up till that time I had never learned about masturbation .
So now you know why I say that my first sexual experiences were so special to me. You can only imagine what a 18 year old virgin like me was going through that night when she gave me my first 3 orgasms, and then another one the following morning. This was all so new and exciting to me. And when she let me put my cock inside her vagina, I was so overwhelmed that I didn't fully understand what was happening. And again the following morning when I saw all the hair between her legs and the big yellow piss-stream gushing out from it, all of this was just more than I could comprehend.
After we had showered and were dressed for the day, my aunty Elsie had to go shopping for some groceries. And because I was now, so attached to her, I wanted to be with her all the time, so I tagged along. I really loved her very much because of her kind motherly personality and since she didn't have any children of her own, she also loved me as her son. We had become extremely close to each other.
It was early afternoon when we got back home and I helped her carry the groceries into the kitchen. After unpacking things, she made us some lemon aid and then came and sat beside me on the couch where we chatted for a while. As we were talking, I told her that I had been doing a lot of thinking about all the special things we had done together the night before and again this morning, and I was wondering if she would teach me some more things about sex. I remember her looking at me and smiling, and then she reached over and cuddled me up in her arms. Instead of saying anything, she just held me for a while and kissed me on my cheek and forehead 2 or 3 times. Then looking at me again with a nice smile, she said, "I have a feeling that my little man would like to see my breasts and my vulva now, --- isn't that right? --- you know something honey --- I can hardly wait to show them to you." Then holding my face in her hands, she said, "why don't we go up stairs right now and take all of our cloths off and get into bed --- and then I can show you everything --- would you like to do that sweetie?" Well, when she said that, my whole body started to shiver all over with tremendous new excitement and my heart was just pounding. And I quickly whispered in her ear, something like, "oh aunty Elsie, --- I can hardly wait, --- thank you." So she got up off the couch and taking me by the hand, we went up to her bedroom.
When we got there, she sat on the side of her bed and helped me to take all my clothes off first. When finished, she immediately noticed that my cock was already hard and standing straight up, and as she put her hand on it and said to me, "Kenny, --- your penis amazes me --- look at it --- all ready to go again --- it just never seems to get tired, does it?" Then she bent down and kissed the head with her soft lips and that sent shock-waves all over my body.
After that, she stood up and started to take off her clothing, leaving only her panties and brazier on. Well once again I was just shaking from being so excited. And while we were both standing, she cuddled me up again and said, "Isn't this exciting Kenny --- being all naked like this --- and you can play with my breasts and vulva all afternoon --- and I will teach you all about sex --- oh Kenny, I'm so horny right now" Then she turned around and asked me to undo her bra. And when I unhooked it, this time she turned back to face me, and then let it slowly fall off her to the floor, exposing her two big heavy breasts to me to see for the first time. And my eyes could hardly blink as I looked at each large nipple sticking out like a finger. And the area around them was all brown and puckered up like a prune. WOW --- the first time I had ever seen a woman's real tits, and I remember my cock felt like it was going to burst open from being so hard.
As I was staring at them, she said, "So what do you think sweetie --- they're all yours --- and you can play with them for as long as you want to --- but before you do that, I have something else to show you." So she sat down on the side of her bed and then laid down on her back. As soon as she was settled, she said, "OK sweetie --- now aunty wants you to take her panties off for her." By this time, my hands were just shaking as I reached down and started to pull them off her. As I did, she lifted her big bum up a little to make it easier for me to pull them out from under her, then down over her legs and right off. And then I saw it --- the part that I wanted to see most of all --- a woman's pussy. It was so exciting for me, that I didn't know what to do. I was shivering and shaking so bad as I just stared at it, a big patch of thick dark brown curly hair growing on the bottom part of her big tummy and down between her closed legs. It was totally overwhelming for me. There I was, my heart just pounding and my mouth was so dry as I tried to swallow. Yes, I was finally looking at what all virgin boys were wanting to see.
As I think back to that time, I will never, ever be able to thank my aunt enough for the way she taught me about sex. Even small things that I would need to know as I went through life. For example, before showing me more, she sat up again and asked me for her panties. Then she turned them inside out and showed me the crotch part which had a wet stain on it. And after smelling it first, she held them up to my nose and asked me to do the same. As she did, she explained how a woman's vulva is always wet and that boys love to smell this wetness. And as I breathed it into my nose, I immediately noticed the strong odor she was talking about. And almost instantly, it made my cock throb even worse. Then I told her that my thing was really hurting now. And as we were both looking at it, she pulled my foreskin down off the head and it was almost purple in color and all swollen. And some clear stick liquid was coming out of my pee hole, making the head all wet. As she pointed to it, she said, "see that sticky liquid there sweetie, --- when a boy's penis is getting ready for sex, --- it starts to produce some lubrication like that --- it's call pre-cum." Then as she squeezed my balls, she continued, "honey --- even your testicles feel swollen right now --- so all of this --- your hard aching penis --- the pre-cum coming out of your pee hole ---your swollen testicles --- all of this means that you need to have an orgasm so you can ejaculate your semen out of you."
So getting up off the bed, she then asked me to lie down, putting a pillow under my head. Then kneeling on the floor beside me, she held my cock in her hand and told me that she was going to do something different this time. This was when she explained what oral sex was, and described how a woman does it to a man. "Kenny --- some people call it, "giving a blow-job." Then she added, "women also like to have a man do that to her too.--- but I will explain that to you later sweetheart --- right now, you need to cum --- so just relax sweetie as I give you your first blow-job." Then fondling and squeezing my balls in her hand, she leaned down and put my cock in her warm. wet mouth. Well, the sensations were unbelievable. My whole body literally jumped as her tongue touched my throbbing clitoris-like head. And immediately, I found myself in the land of no return when an even more powerful feeling exploded inside my cock, nearly driving me insane. It's hard to find words to describe it. Maybe this way --- an extremely strong, "burning" "cramp-like pain" that gave me the most beautiful, heavenly feeling I have even know. And as she continued to lick and suck on the head, this unexplainable feeling just wouldn't stop. My balls felt like they were on fire. Spasm after spasm of muscle contractions kept erupting and filling my cock to the bursting point. Because of it being such a new experience for me, I think this orgasm must have been beyond normality. It seemed like there was no end to it. I'm sure the pure ecstasy which I was experiencing just then, almost made me delirious.
But like all beautiful things in this world, it eventually did come to an end and I was com completely exhausted. And taking her mouth off my still rock hard cock, she smiled at me and said, "Well sweetie --- I thought my young man was going to fly off the bed for a few moments --- what an orgasm you had --- it must have felt wonderful." And all I think I was able to do was shake my head and whisper "yes" to her. Still holding my sore aching cock in her hand she said, "Well sweetheart, --- this is only the beginning." Then kissing my cheek, she climbed over me and lay down beside me on the bed. And turning me to face her, she cuddled me up against her big soft breasts and held me as I regained my strength back. Continuing to holding my cock in her hand, she kissed me over and over as she recounting our sexual activities since she first masturbated me. Then she said, "You know something Kenny --- you actually ejaculated a little bit of semen on my tongue this time --- isn't that wonderful --- and it tasted so good --- sweetheart, I'm so proud to be your first woman." Then not saying any more, she just held me for a while. And when my cock slowly went soft in her hand, she let go of it.
After a short rest, I remember noticing her big soft tits pressing against me under my chin and once again, my curiosity got the better of me. So I lifted one of them up so I could see it better. And as I did, she looked at me and said , "Hi sweetie --- is my young man ready to go again?" Then rolling over on her back, she invited me to touch and play with her breasts for as long as I wanted to. And as I was examining them, she answered all my questions and explained everything I want to know about them. I still remember, how her nipples fascinated me. They were so sensitive when I touched them and would pucker up and turn all hard as they stood up like stubby fingers.
While she was showing them to me, she suddenly noticed my cock and then she said in an excited voice, "Oh my god --- I don't believe it --- you're getting another hard on again --- what am I going to do with you sweetie." Then, as she grabbed me in her arms, she started laughing as she said, "Oh, to be young again." Then after giving me one more kiss, she looked at me and said, "how would my young man like to give his aunty some oral sex now?" Well, that was like pushing my "on button" and I started to get all excited again. I could even feel my cock getting harder by the second. And since I could hardly wait to try it, I said to her, "Yes aunty Elsie --- but you will have to show me how."
So she cuddled me up in her arms again and then whispered in my ear, "oh sweetie --- this is going to be so exciting for me --- and I'm so horny right now." So she started by explaining that I need to be very gentle and not rush when I'm giving a woman oral sex. Give her lots of foreplay first, kissing her all over her body while spending extra time with her breasts and nipples. Then looking at me, she winked and asked, "Are you ready sweetheart?" Then she rolled over on her back and said, "OK young man --- I'm waiting."
Well about this time, I remember a whole new excitement raging all over my body and mind and I could hardly wait to start playing with her breasts. But because they were so large and heavy, they hung down on each side of her. So she moved them up onto her chest with her arms to make it easier for me to touch them. Once she had them in place for me, she asked me to start licking and sucking on the nipples. I think at that moment, my young mind and body were so excited and as soon as I put each one in my mouth, they quickly became big and hard. And she started to moan and say, "Oh honey --- that feels so good --- you're making her feel so horny --- mmmmmm I can hardly wait for you to make her cum." So, spreading her legs apart as far as she could, she asked me to move down between them on my tummy and get nice and com comfortable.
Once there, her big hairy pussy was right in front of my face and I could smell her strong musky odor coming from it. And I will never forget to this day the effect that smell was having on my cock. It was so hard, it was actually hurting me. As I lay there looking at it, I could see a light pink area peeking out from between her big hairy lips.
Being so totally overwhelmed, I wasn't exactly sure what I should do at that point, even thought she had just described what oral sex was to me. So I asked her and she said, "all you have to do sweetheart, is spread the lips apart and start licking everything between them." So that's what I did, and my eyes were just glued to the most amazing sight I had ever seen. Everything was all wet and sticky from her pussy juices. Then I got my first smell of her strong musky, pee odor and it made me so excited that my mind was almost numb at times. And as soon as I started to lick it, the pungent, salty taste of her wet juices sent powerful shock- waves throughout my body. As my mind was trying to absorb this extremely unbelievable sight before me, I could hear her beginning to moan a little bit from the pleasure that I was giving to her. This whole thing was so erotic. Any wonder I remember it so well. As my tongue was moving around between her lips, I found the opening to her vagina. So I pushed my tongue into it, and as I did, she started humping her hips and saying, "oh god Kenny, that feels good."
After spending some time doing that for her, I returned to licking her whole pussy again and as I moved up towards her tummy, I suddenly noticed a lump that was getting bigger and harder by the second. And when I started to lick it, she yelled out, "yes --- yeeeessss --- that's the spot --- keep sucking on it --- oh god, that feels good." And so I began to concentrate on it with my tongue and as I did, it made her hump her hips and ass up and down in time with my licking. At the same time I could hear her breathing becoming more pronounced as she continued to moan and groan almost steady. As I was sucking on her throbbing clitoris, I felt my chin getting very wet. So I moved back down for a moment to find a pool of hot sticky lubrication coming from her vagina and filling the area between her pussy lips. So I quickly licked all her delicious liquid up, and then went back to her big swollen clit. For a young inexperienced boy like I was, it's intoxicating musky odor and taste was just heavenly, and it was making my throbbing cock almost burst from being so hard.
It was almost impossible to describe what I was feeling just then. With no previous experience and all of this being so new to me, my mind was in such a spin that I couldn't comprehend everything. But I do remember sucking mostly on her clitoris and stopping now and then to lick up her lubricating juices from the other areas of her pussy.
I don't remember how long I continued to give her oral sex, but she was really enjoying it and I could tell that she was getting more and more excited by the minute. It may have been 10 minutes or more before she finally reached her orgasm because I can still remember how my tongue kept getting tired and I would slow down for a moment or two to rest it.
Then suddenly she yelled out to me, "oh honey, --- aunty is going to cum." and then she lifted her big bum up in the air and let out a long loud grunt. Following that, she yelled out, "don't stop --- don't stop licking me --- oh god, I'mmmm Cuuuuummmmmming --- ohhh don't stop --- I'mmmmm cuuuuummmmmingggg" And then she let out another real loud grunt and as she did, she squirted some hot salty pee all over my face. But, because she wanted me to keep on sucking on her clitoris, I didn't let that stop me. Then she let out a third long moaning grunt and this time she closed her legs on my head and gripped it like a vice for a moment. Following that, some more pee squirted out on my face again as she let out another long grunting moan.
Finally reaching exhaustion, her big her bum and legs fell flat on the bed. After catching her breath, she reached down and asked me to come up beside her. And then she cuddled me up in her arms and thanked me for making her cum so beautifully. She gave me a nice wet kiss on my lips and then said, "Oh honey --- that was just perfect --- I don't ever remember having such a wonderful orgasm like that before --- now I'm spoiled --- and I will be wanting that all the time --- will you do that for me?" So I said I would, and then she kissed me some more. When she felt my hard cock pushing up against her, she took it in her hand and said, "oh sweetie, you need to cum again, don't you." Then rolling over on her back again, she asked me to push it into her vagina. And when I did, it was so hot and wet inside her that my throbbing cock quickly reached the point of no return again and I think I nearly lost my mind as another long powerful orgasm exploded inside it and spread all over my body.
After that, she became my one and only lover, friend, guardian and special aunt right up until I was 23, and then likely due to her being over weight, she suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Although she couldn't always reach an orgasm as often as I could, she did make sure that I did. She was a wonderful person and I still miss her very much. Yes, I will never forget her. After her death, I have remained single up until now. But I did become involved with a number of older women ranging in age from their late 40's to their early 60's. And I have to admit, all of these older ladies were wonderful sex partners.
My e-mail address is < wat1936 hotmail wat1936 hotmail > If you have enjoyed having sex with an older partner, I would love to hear from you.

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